The Top 5 Spaces Every Woman Should Have In Their Home

Where in your home can you focus on “me time?” As wives, moms and working professionals, women typically take on the caretaker role of the household, and too often their own needs go unmet. If you can’t name one space in your home that’s dedicated to your own self care, it’s time to remedy that situation. 

Some rooms are designed for functionality (think: the kitchen, your home office). Living rooms and dining rooms are meant for socialization and family time. But what areas of your home are dedicated to the pursuit of your own pleasure? These sacred spaces don’t need to take up much room or be expensive to design. What they do need is an intentionality that inspires you to actually use them regularly for your own enjoyment. 

Here we present the top 5 spaces every female homeowner should cultivate in their surroundings to carve out moments of comfort and contentment. 


Bathroom Design

1. A beautiful bathtub. Your bathtub can be so much more than a place to clean up. Think of it as more of a wellness destination, surrounding it with an enticing display of fragrant essential oils, luminous candles and luxurious bath and body products that you can’t wait to put to use. (Weekly spa night, anyone?)


Bedroom Design

2. A cozy reading nook. A favorite design trick of our founder Emily Mackie is to place a chaise lounge in the bedroom (she even has one of her own!). This elegant piece of furniture serves as a place to wind down separate from your bed (where you’re more likely to drift off). Brew a cup of calming tea, read a few pages from the latest best seller and create a nightly ritual that invites relaxation and rest.


At Home Yoga Space

3. A serene yoga/meditation space. Light a few candles, burn some incense, stretch your body and mind and let the day fall away. You don’t need much space to practice yoga and meditation at home — even a corner of the basement would do. It’s the setting you create through your senses that is truly transcendent.


Garden Design

4. An idyllic outdoor oasis. Whether you have a petite patio or a sprawling backyard, make the most of your outdoor space by adding areas where you can hang out alfresco. Have a cafe table be the new spot for your morning coffee. Enjoy a glass of wine near a fire pit or soaking in a hot tub. Being outdoors in the fresh air is always a natural mood elevator.


Tea Service Set


5. An elegant beverage display. What’s your drink of choice? You may be a coffee aficionado, a tea connoisseur or an oenophile. These elixirs deserve to be shown off with an opulent tea service set, a state-of-the-art espresso maker or exquisite crystal decanters. Invite a friend over for coffee talk, tea time or happy hour and start a new tradition.

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