Wallpaper Design With That Wow Factor

We know what you’re thinking: Wallpaper? In 2019? We’re here to give you a resounding yes.

Wallcoverings have come a long way since their fussy, frumpy past, evolving into an interior design project that makes a major statement with fairly minor commitment. Think of modern wallpaper as more of a serial monogamist relationship than a ‘til-death-do-us-part pledge.

That said, the right home wallpaper design can be game changing, so take the time to find the right design that speaks to you, your aesthetic and your — yes, we said it — your soul.

As the saying goes, go big or go home. How about both? This mesmerizing kaleidoscope modern wallpaper draws you into a reading nook or other small space — the effect is entirely enthralling.

Speaking of hypnotic wallpaper design trends, this leopard-print abstract over a wash basin is so fascinating there’s no need for a mirror. Why stare at your own visage when you can be transported into exotic far-away lands while sudsing up?

A super large-scale botanical print evokes dark drama, injecting a living area with spirit and romanticism. Bid adieu to your grandma’s sweet, safe floral.

Precise fine lines come together to harness creativity and collaboration in a motivational workspace, conveying more energy than a solid-colored wall ever could. This versatile home wallpaper from Devon & Devon can be installed vertically or horizontally — let your imagination run wild!

Poppy, peppy, ‘60s-inspired prints are a fresh and fun way to bring life into a home. We are digging this bold daisy print for its lively color scheme and smile-inducing pattern.

Can’t decide if you’re a nature lover or a modern minimalist? Why choose? This abstract wallcovering blends the best of both worlds, bringing together two seemingly divergent prints in an eye-catching pattern thanks to a harmonious color palette.

Ombré continues to be a big trend in all design fields, from hair color to nail art to interior design. It speaks to the artist within us all. This striking abstract pattern graduates from gold to a deep navy, through a series of shapes and back again, setting an ultra stylish stage.

What do you dream about when you go to sleep? If it’s high-flying fantasies you’re after, bedroom wallpaper can deliver. Add a touch of whimsy to a bedroom backdrop without the cost or commitment of commissioning an artist’s mural.

The Inspired Interiors team doesn’t shy away from wallpaper as a way to express your deepest design desires. Let’s talk how we can select and utilize creative wallcoverings in your own abode.