How 3D Virtual Tours Save Home Builders and Buyers Time and Money

Imagine, if you will, a world without naysayers. Where any project was possible because someone had a vision and the courage to carry it through. A world where everyone was free to envision different approaches from the way we’ve always done things. A world full of once-radical ideas like Uber, Airbnb and Bitcoin being embraced from the very beginning.

For a bold new generation of home builders and buyers, it’s time to dare to dream.


A Better Way to Build and Buy a Home

Emily Mackie of
Inspired Luxury Homes and sister company Inspired Interiors is just that visionary to bring this exciting prospect into reality. With her new luxury custom home building company, she is introducing cutting-edge technology into the centuries-old construction industry: Pre-Construction 3D Virtual Tours. 

By rethinking the process from the ground up, Emily is revolutionizing the homebuilding industry, making it a better all-around experience and saving everyone involved both time and money. That’s the power 3D technology has to bring the design-build process into the 21st century. 

Over the course of her more than two decades in the design industry, Emily heard a common complaint from clients: They weren’t able to comprehend and truly envision their future residence from flat floor plans and 2D elevations. Think about it: How can you really experience how a deep red wall or dark mahogany flooring will make you feel from a piece of paper? 

Self-guided 3D virtual tours empower homeowners to make educated decisions by realistically immersing them in the space. Let there be no illusions: This is no video created to sell an already built home. This is a virtual 24/7 open house designed to experience a future home. Potential home buyers can tour the space any time they desire, taking as long as they need. You can look in all directions, zoom in, save screenshots and consider every last detail.

Pessimists may pooh-pooh this inventive concept as a gimmick, but its potential is concrete. Here we’ll take a look at the many ways 3D home renderings benefit both home buyers and home builders.


Benefits for Home Buyers

The perks of 3D technology for prospective buyers is immediately evident. At
1760 Washington, Inspired Luxury Homes’ custom residence in Chicago’s North Shore suburb of Wilmette, a yard sign graces the land. But this isn’t any old “For Sale” sign; this one boasts an interactive QR code that gives the interested party access to the 3D virtual tour of the property, effectively kicking off the building process on the spot. Buyers can even tour the home with Emily via Loom technology; what an opportunity to see the property through the eyes of the founder/developer/designer! 

From there, building a custom home by experiencing it via 3D creates possibilities that basic black-and-white drawings never could. You’ll move through each room of the house as you would in real life, seeing how your furnishings will fit and your family will function in the space. You’ll see how placements interact, colors intersect and design choices coexist, removing the remorse and regret that often come with making an uninformed choice. Your decision-making process just got that much easier and your build time that much more efficient.

Because you’re doing so much of the work before a shovel ever hits the dirt, you can expect a streamlined build process that runs smoothly and on time. And you’ll know that your expectations will be met and your dreams for your custom home will come to fruition — with less time taken, money spent and stress levels tested.


Benefits for Home Builders

The pressure on a custom home builder is immeasurable. Getting every detail right for the home buyer while overseeing the intricacies of the design and build of the structure is intense.  

Enter 3D technology. These immersive virtual tours allow the home builder and buyer to address many of the complexities of building a home before even breaking ground. For the builder, this means that every person on her team — from the plumbers to the electricians to the tile installers — have instant and easy access to the floor plans, right from their smartphone. No more running from floor to floor to truck back to the build site to know which faucet or light fixture goes where. Everyone on the construction team is singing from the same songbook at all times, eliminating costly mistakes and keeping the build on time. 

Another major bonus for the home builder is the fact that they are not carrying the cost of the construction loan for 12 months or more before the home is built and bought. Much of this work is done up front, including the sale, so the build is a much more efficient undertaking. The 3D tour also helps when requesting and acquiring permits from the city planning department — all the officials need to do is walk through the tour themselves to know exactly what to expect and — most importantly — when

Once the home is completed, that 3D virtual tour then lives as a testimonial for future buyers to explore without the burden of having to set up in-person meetings. The cost and inconvenience of maintaining static show homes or asking home owners to allow tours is considerable. These virtual models save both the builder and the buyer time and expense and offer them a compelling way to create their own custom residence through an on-demand online library of past projects.


The Future Is Yours

Today’s consumers are more knowledgeable and demand more transparency from the companies they do business with than ever before. While 3D virtual technology is not new, this specific application is, solving a huge void in the custom home building marketplace that persisted until today. The old way of building homes was founded on fear and limitations. Inspired Luxury Homes is harnessing technology to create an environment of trust and opportunity.

This revolutionary approach to custom luxury home building via 3D virtual tours puts the control squarely in the owners’ hands, which is why the company just landed its second design-build project (more on that soon!). 

Connect with us to find out how you can be a part of the next generation of home building and buying.

The Top 7 Amenities Luxury Home Buyers Want Today

Interior design might not be as fleeting as fashion, but the trends for today’s savvy home buyer definitely look different than a year ago. The home has literally become the center of our collective universe, transforming the ways we think about and function in our residences. 

High-end home buyers are demanding more of their spaces, and luxury custom homebuilders are delivering. Read on for the trending amenities discerning property seekers are currently commanding. 

Compliments to the (home) chef

Now more than ever, home buyers are looking for restaurant-level kitchen and dining amenities to satisfy their taste for pleasure. With at-home entertaining at an all-time high, such bells and whistles as premium built-in espresso machines, wine dispensers, Kegerators and souped-up Salamander grills and broilers re-create the feel (and the food and drink!) of going out without the hassle of leaving the house.  

Luxury Home Amenities

The kids are alright

This was always true, but especially now: Kids need their own space to thrive. Time for play, study, sleep — it all demands dedicated space. The Inspired Luxury Homes team took this lesson to heart when designing their new custom home, outfitting it with larger kids’ bedrooms that each accommodate a queen-sized bed and two nightstands and desks as well as an en suite bathroom, along with areas throughout the residence that can be carved out as playrooms for little ones and/or hangouts for teens. Not to mention plenty of storage for all ages and their various accoutrements

Luxury Home Amenities

Wow-worthy WFH spaces

Talk about a sign of the times — we all suddenly need a home office. By all, we mean everyone, which is why more than one dedicated area for at-home work is now de rigeur. And banishing someone to a forgotten corner of the basement while the other takes the “office” just won’t do. Luxury homes now need well-thought-out rooms that allow for desks, seating, storage and essential perks like coffee and snack bars. Think: Everything your old office has, but way more stylish.

Luxury Home Amenities


Remember going to gyms and spas? Luxury home buyers are calling for the flexibility, convenience and safety of working out and pampering at home. Sporting enthusiasts are building basketball courts and putting greens, but you don’t need to go big to stay home. Rooms reserved for Pelotons; spaces devoted to yoga, meditation and massage; and indoor hot tubs and infrared saunas bring the burn and the chill straight to you.

Out of sight

We love a mudroom — this humble home hero allows for much more organized surroundings overall. Installing functional storage with multiple coat racks, covered bins and drawers means everything — from boots and bags to face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves (you know, the staples of our “new normal”) — gets stored neatly out of the way of the rest of the house. 

The great outdoors

And just like that, our yards, patios, decks, balconies and other outdoor spaces are taking a starring role in our homes and in our lives. Home buyers and builders are working in tandem to intentionally design and develop outdoor spaces for maximum usability and enjoyment. Think: multi-faceted seating arrangements, outdoor “rooms” that blur the line between the indoors and out, and alfresco kitchen and dining configurations that go well beyond the basic backyard grill. 

Pet projects

Our pets are getting in on the action, as well; after all, don’t your Bengal and your Beagle deserve an upgrade, as well? We’ve seen dedicated playrooms, potty stations, bathing areas and built-in crates all adding to the allure of a thoughtfully appointed luxury home that buyers — and their furry companions — crave.

Luxury Home Amenities

With two decades of interior design and architecture experience, Inspired Interiors and Inspired Luxury Homes founder Emily Mackie and her team inherently understand what home buyers need to live their best lives in a carefully chosen, crafted and designed residence. Connect with us to discover how to revitalize your current residence or build a completely customized home from the ground up. We’re here to bring your dream home to life.

5 Reasons to Virtually Render Your Home Before You Start Construction

Take it from us: The future of homebuilding is here. We started Inspired Luxury Homes, Inspired Interiors’ newly launched sister brand, to bring the power of virtual reality renderings to homebuyers. We discovered so many ways that virtual renderings are superior to traditional still photos and floor plans while developing our first spec home, but we’ll start here by sharing the top five reasons.


1. You’ll get a 720-degree depiction of your new home.


Forget 360 degrees — our state-of-the-art virtual home renderings take you on a 720-degree spherical journey, from east to west as well as from north to south. Just imagine the opportunities presented by touring your new residence in virtual reality before you even break ground. Not only is the experience exponentially more satisfying, it’s also more informative, allowing you to fully explore what it will physically feel and look like in your new home.


Critical elements such as the actual distance between rooms, spatial relationships to consider and the overall flow of the space can be more viscerally felt in VR than a flat photo could ever provide.


2. You can better plan for design selections.


When you’re able to experience elements such as natural light distribution, available wall space and visual perspectives (what do you see when you first walk in the house? What’s in your line of sight as you move from room to room?), you’re better prepared to make important decisions regarding furnishings, artwork, vertical storage options, etc. Armed with this invaluable knowledge, you can consider how your current furniture and home decor pieces will fit in your new space, as well as what you’ll need to source and purchase.


You can also contemplate and envision how you’ll embody the space. Can you set up a home office that overlooks the backyard? Will you have a serene space for dinner parties without the competing noise from the family room? These are life-altering factors that can be analyzed in advance of breaking ground — what a gift!


3. Larger decisions are more easily (and definitively) made.


While virtually touring your new home, you get a more tangible feel for what design selections are desired from room to room rather than committing to expensive add-ons where they might not be needed. For example, bold patterns and textures might need to be rethought to more harmoniously fit the space. Why commit to crown moulding throughout the home when the ceilings are lower in the basement? You may not want mullions on every window pane.


With a virtual rendering, you have a much more straightforward and streamlined way to determine these types of decisions — because you can experience them before committing to them.


4. You’ll arrive at a more accurate analysis of cost and time.


Because virtual renderings offer you the unparalleled opportunity to arrive at these conclusions about your new home, you have a much better idea of what’s truly important to you and what you are willing to pay for. You’ll also get a more definitive list of materials needed beforehand, lessening the chance of buyer’s remorse and keeping your timeline on track.


5. You have a much better chance of meeting your move-in date.


We’ve all heard horror stories of new home owners building a custom residence, only to be displaced by delays. By partnering with a homebuilding company that specializes in virtual renderings, those informative 720-degree tours will bring your new home to life right before your eyes while managing schedules and mitigating unforeseen circumstances.


The result is a move-in ready residence that reflects you and your family’s lifestyle from the very beginning. Connect with the Inspired Luxury Homes team to bring your own vision to life. We’ve moved beyond asking you to bring us your living room — now you can bring us your land.