Anchoring Design Trends With Classic Pieces

Much like the world of fashion, home design trends fluctuate and evolve. Certain design elements may come in and out of vogue, giving us all ample opportunity to breathe new life into our spaces. What never goes out of style, however, are classic pieces with clean lines that transcend time and lend your rooms a grounded, accessible appeal.

Some of our favorite current trends in interior design flip the script on what’s become expected, letting us all flex our creative muscles when introducing new elements into our abode. In our ongoing Dare to Live series, we show you the latest ways to unleash your interior design inspiration and ingenuity.

Behold the ultra expansive bathroom! By upending the notion that tiling should differ throughout a room, your eye can continue unabated, creating the illusion of a spacious, serene space. Other design elements that add to a refreshing bathroom vignette? An abundance of natural light, the introduction of sleek backlit mirrors and a generous dose of bold geometric shapes.

Make mealtime magic with mirrors in the dining room! An ostentatious piece of artwork placed behind a dining room table? Tired. An intriguing, artistic reflective surface that catches the eye and creates conversation? Fresh! A chandelier suddenly becomes more sparkly, your glassware immediately more glittery and stolen glances of your dining companion promptly more steamy.

Oh, and get ready to see smoked mirrors everywhere. You read it here first!

Looking to make an audacious design statement in your home? Graffiti art is the answer. We’ve worked with several artists specializing in graffiti on custom pieces that inject energy, spark dialogue and create movement in any space. Keith Haring would be proud.

All hail the return of the mighty terrazzo! We adore this versatile material for many reasons: its extreme durability (seriously, this is a 100-year product if ever there was one), its sustainability (the content is often recycled) and its chameleon-like ability to bring pops of color that complement rather than clash.

Taking calculated risks with your interior design ensures your home invigorates the senses and always feels new and exciting yet still familiar to your family and friends. Reach out to the Inspired Interiors team to see how we can embolden your interior design choices while remaining true to your vision and lifestyle.