Imagine moving your young family of four out of the city to a new home in the suburbs and all such a life-changing endeavor entails. Now picture embarking on that project during a global pandemic. 

Fortunately, Inspired Interiors was uniquely positioned to work through the crisis, after transitioning to a fully remote and virtual operation in early 2020. The interior design team worked closely with the family during the room-by-room process, with the husband and wife equally dividing responsibilities and respecting each other’s opinions along the way. With such a seamless, streamlined approach, milestones were met and spirits were high despite inevitable setbacks in the timeline due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Breathtaking moments abound in this residence remodel. Let’s start with the sweeping staircase, which, thanks to the addition of a glossy black lacquer handrail and a chic runner edged in black leather, went from eyesore to show stopper. 

The kitchen / breakfast room arrangement is intertwined with a cozy living room, allowing for easy family interactions, while the elegant dining room is reserved for hosting more formal affairs (with those decadent blue velvet dining chairs the star attraction). Upstairs, the couple’s two boys enjoy themed bedrooms straight out of their dreams. 

Perhaps the most special spaces of this luxurious-meets-approachable family residence are the adjoining gentlemen’s and ladies’ lounges. Separated by a shared fireplace, the rooms each have their own distinct vibe — sophisticated and stately for the guys (illuminated bookcases, navy lacquer walls and a custom fireplace surround crafted of welded metal and stone), exquisite and airy for the ladies (sumptuous couches situated around a roaring hearth, tea service and cordial selections at the ready for leisurely afternoon entertaining). 

Inspired Interiors Founder Emily Mackie suggested the idea of a complimentary space to the gentleman’s lounge specially designed for the wife — an idea influenced by traditional Southern homes. After all, a woman should always have a place to call her own.