What could be more important to a young family creating their first home together than approaching the project with a sense of adaptability and, of course, ease? For a Wicker Park couple and their new baby, building a house that met their needs meant working with a knowledgeable architect along with a discerning interior designer to reflect their unique lifestyle. 

For this four-floor structure, Inspired Interiors dreamed up a soft contemporary design aesthetic that married a savvy use of space with fun sparks of interest throughout, including interesting wallcoverings, elegant tilework and sophisticated-yet-accommodating furnishings in tranquil colors and luxe fabrics. 

Special design moments abound: a built-in daybed set under a bay window that beckons for afternoon novels and naps; a serene indoor atrium that lets in light and promotes a sense of happiness; a rooftop growing garden and even a yoga studio for in-home workouts and wellness. 

The Inspired Interiors team helped guide decisions throughout the building process, managing discussions between the contractor and the homeowners to facilitate a sense of calm and comfort that now extends throughout this new oasis custom created for this young family.