How do you meet the needs of a jet-setting, multidimensional couple in an established condominium floor plan? By getting creative with space.

That’s the approach the Inspired Interiors team took when tasked with designing a three-bedroom condo at the Ritz-Carlton Residences, a spectacular building overlooking Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and the glittering Lake Michigan below. 

First things first: The third bedroom, which is situated just off of the kitchen, was transformed into a luxurious whiskey lounge-slash-library for after-hours entertaining that perfectly suited this cosmopolitan couple’s lifestyle. Next, the lack of a fixed dining room was solved by carving out room in the living area for a banquette and oval-shaped table, offering space not only for meals but for meaningful moments without barriers between rooms. Oh, and don’t forget the splashy peacock feather wallpaper elegantly enveloping the foyer (one of Inspired Interiors Founder Emily Mackie’s favorite spaces).

And then there were the scene-stealing views. A good problem to have, but still a challenge to balance with the couple’s other entertainment options. The solution? A V-shaped sectional that allows for unimpeded TV viewing while not completely blocking out the breathtaking panorama outside.

Speaking of the great outdoors, the sweeping balcony provides another appealing area to unwind, replete with chaise lounges to recline under a blanket of stars.