Picture this: a San Francisco third-floor walkup flaunting a floor-to-ceiling panorama of two of the world’s most famous bridges. With a view that monumental, it might be tempting to tone down the rest of the interior design and let the eye-popping vista take center stage. 

Instead, this enviable vantage point served as inspiration for the design of a one-of-a-kind bachelor pad by the Inspired Interiors design team, who created an environment so rich in detail that it actually seems to be interacting with you. 

After slicing off the building’s back wall to present that breathtaking cityscape view, the team built in more meaningful moments throughout the home. Take, for example, the spectacular master suite complete with a lounging area set in a bay window overlooking a lovely park — you can feel the sun dappled on your shoulders as you read a book or work on your laptop. 

The kitchen boldly blends a modern French bakery feel with an industrial aesthetic — think oak cabinets that appear to be lightly dusted in flour, a large warehouse window and, as a completely unexpected touch, a dining table outfitted with individual fidget games for energetic guests. 

Distinctive triangular tiles featuring zoomed-in snapshots of famous works of art are scattered throughout the bathroom — giving you something to consider while in the shower. A serene rain room is home to a koi pond, offering the gently swishing sound of fish and peaceful movement of water. Oh, and let’s not forget that posh powder room designed to evoke the inside of an Aston Martin luxury sports car. 

It all adds up to an unmistakable residence with more than just an unforgettable view.