Taking care of the people who take care of us is of momentous importance, especially in high-stress hospital environments. Giving surgeons a place of respite in their workday can have great long-lasting benefits that extend beyond the individual and to their patients and their communities. 

Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center had a revolutionary idea: to create an on-site retreat where their surgeons could escape while at the hospital, a place so transformative that they felt transported, comforted and cared for in meaningful ways. 

The Inspired Interiors team devised such a space by converting an unused basement area into a serene sanctuary filled with surroundings to appeal to all five senses. Living green walls offer a literal breath of fresh air and a sense of renewed life. Fountains of running water provide meditative sounds to calm the mind. Panoramic images of the Grand Canyon, Montana mountains and other scenes of nature transport the viewer to another time and place. A stocked snack bar presents the opportunity to refresh and feel satisfied. And, soft, welcoming furnishings beckon guests to research, reflect or repose.

Medical professionals are also supported by psychological services in this special oasis. These offices were designed with the same touches to feel consoling and soothing. Everything about these surroundings are conceived to grant hope to those whose job it is to be a literal lifeline.