Often breathing life into a space is a matter of seeing it with fresh eyes. Such was the case with Royal Ridge, a senior living community that had the square footage, but was in need of a new vision.

Inspired Interiors was enlisted to do a complete refresh of Royal Ridge’s community activity room, outdoor pool area and a neighboring balcony overlooking a picturesque duck pond. These spaces were underutilized and not living up to their potential to be vibrant centers of the community’s rich social life. 

The Inspired Interiors team dialed up the fun factor of these communal spaces by revitalizing their purpose and their aesthetic. Not only was the center’s activity room revamped with new furnishings and added storage for a variety of in-house programs, it was also reimagined with the creation of multiple floor plans that allowed for a range of events that residents could host, bringing their family and friends together for celebrations large and small.

The outdoor surroundings became a hub of possibility with the addition of seating sections around the pool that encourage day-to-evening socializing, as well as an outdoor kitchen and dining area. The rejuvenated space sparked a fruitful idea for Inspired Interiors founder Emily Mackie: Why not host a weekly chef night for the group, bringing in young local culinary professionals to cook for the residents and give them a regular opportunity to gather together?

Proof that the best design can improve people’s lives by offering them a limitless sense of potential.