For an innovative medical startup with a flourishing future, flexibility and functionality go hand in hand. In need of an office space that meets its highly specific demands, NextLevel Health, a 360-degree healthcare provider, turned to Inspired Interiors, a WBE-certified firm in the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois, for design direction. 

Thanks to a recent growth spurt, the burgeoning company required a space that could expand with the team, along with surroundings that contributed to the sense of health and wellbeing that they provide to their patients. The solution was specialized office workstations that could be assembled and disassembled with only the use of an Allen key, allowing for maximum mobility. Also eliminated was the need for electrical troughs between stations as all wiring could be conveniently placed in a tray under the work surface. This permitted the company to keep any future moving costs down and freed them from staying at a certain address or in a long-term lease. 

The nimble company prides itself on working in small teams to create personalized patient care plans on a day-to-day basis. Mobile workstations built around banquettes along with rolling whiteboards and circular tables offer opportunities to easily gather together to achieve their goals.

The success of the design of the first office led to a second project, utilizing the same corporate branding and workspace layout in a Chicago location. The highlight of both offices? A wall of photographs depicting the vitality of healthy people enjoying life at all stages — the very reason for the company’s existence and the team’s dedication.