A perfect place for a fresh start, this spacious, gorgeous apartment is designed to bring out the fun, city dwelling Chicagoan inside of you. The first of many “wows” you’d say when exploring this apartment comes with the first step; uniquely wide hallways appear even larger with regal floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The second “wow” is walking into the main space and seeing the view. Located and positioned in such a way that you get to enjoy the calming view of the lake or spectate the bustling city below. Perfect for one on one time or entertaining family and friends, this luxurious apartment can do it all in style. Two seating areas boast great views, and the bedrooms are no exception either. Homey yet modern furniture do nothing but accentuate the coveted city views. Get ready for the day with a fashionably functional vanity and closet fit for a queen. As much as this place gets you ready for the day, feel just as excited coming back to the castle at night to sink into your favorite chair and enjoy a glass of wine.