Things move pretty fast in the biotech industry, where companies often evolve as quickly as their groundbreaking discoveries. Such was the case with Luminex, a global corporation that develops biological testing technologies for the clinical diagnostic and life sciences industries, which received a recent round of funding to meet a demand for unprecedented growth and expansion. 

Enter Inspired Interiors, which was engaged to complete an ambitious 90-day turnaround to build out and furnish the company’s Chicago office. A wide range of criteria needed to be met for this burgeoning firm, including the ability to grow and potentially move with the team. 

Inspired Interiors founder Emily Mackie sourced the perfect solution at a European furnishings trade show: an exclusive line of office furniture that assembles and disassembles with only the use of an Allen key. By eliminating the need for hard wiring, all of the furnishings in the Luminex workstations and private offices can be easily rearranged or even moved to a future location, saving the company costs and offering a new level of flexibility. 

Bright, bold splashes of cobalt, crimson and sunflower yellow enliven the surroundings, spurring creativity and reflecting the excitement of working for a company with as bright of a future as Luminex.