When designing a blended family’s combined home, certain considerations must be taken into account, such as how to integrate the couple’s furniture, artwork and assorted treasures accumulated throughout their lifetimes, especially if they have differing aesthetics. Also to carefully determine: how to create surroundings that accommodate more intimate get-togethers and large family gatherings alike. 

A former hospital building in Chicago’s charming Lincoln Park neighborhood became home base for the couple, who engaged with Inspired Interiors to combine two units into one without the layout feeling compartmentalized. An airy white color palette allows for a continuous open feel, punctuated by vibrant artwork in bold golds, ruby reds and striking cerulean blues.

The centerpiece of the living area became the ingenious TV installation: a swivel mount offering 180-degree viewing from the sitting room as well as the kitchen, depending on the size and setting of the party. 

More multi-functional aspects abound throughout the residence, including hidden storage spaces and pocket bars for the couple’s maximum organization and amusement, as well as his and her home offices for making the most out of every day.