The tried-and-true adage about the kitchen being the heart of the home rings true even today. Many modern homeowners seek to create multi-functional kitchens because that is where they find themselves most throughout the day, whether it’s cooking together, returning emails or entertaining guests for an informal cocktail party. 

For a young couple with just such kitchen-centric design dreams, Inspired Interiors conducted a complete renovation of a kitchen and living space that met all of their entertaining aspirations. An open floor plan allows for two people to cook meals side-by-side, while a distinct banquette area overlooks the balcony and grill, offering the appealing ability to enjoy an at-home indoor-outdoor dining experience. The addition of a wet bar also enlivens this multi-use space that features an elegant color palette of muted grey and pure white mimicking the marble back splash, along with punctuation of rich burgundy and metallic gold that up the luxe factor.

In the adjacent living area, a unique Z-shaped tete-a-tete sectional solves the age-old design dilemma of whether or not to place a TV over a fireplace. With this type of savvy seating arrangement, both diversions get equal billing.