Change doesn’t necessarily come easily for a company that prides itself on its 99.9 percent accuracy rate. Founded in 1953, The Intec Group is a world-renowned insert and injection molding company manufacturing parts for the automotive industry, but its front office spaces were unfortunately stuck in another design era — the 1980s. 

Taking the public-facing spaces of the company into the next century required a delicate push-pull for the Inspired Interiors team. Going too far in designing an aesthetic risked alienating the client, but a major update to the brand’s identity was in order. 

To accomplish the task, Inspired Interiors founder Emily Mackie introduced approachable ideas that resonated with the organization, such as a reinvigorated reception area featuring a living wall, redesigned workstations that accommodated more staff members comfortably and a break room that refreshes the senses during busy workdays.

But the true pièce de résistance of Intec’s new headquarters has to be the “hall of fame,” a corridor that showcases the company’s abundance of awards along with parts and pieces they produce that the team considered their best work. 

The old adage remains true: Flattery will get you everywhere, even into the future.