Two flat conversion that took a long amount of time of carefully planning the merging of two parents and collectively 4 children. Rooms merged furnishings together from two people that enjoy collecting furniture pieces and enjoy salvaging architectural items from different buildings. Most of the light fixtures and built environments were all from salvaged components that had architectural interests, turning into an incredible blending of a very casual family environment with the elegance of an interior designer. The kid’s rooms were meant to have memorable features like slides and beds and movie theater seating as well as the basement that included a nanny annex apartment area that could be divided off and at a later date used as a guest quarters. The idea behind the master bath was that both entrepreneurs had an area they could start a brand new day in a big way. Visually the most noticeable thing about this home was that both owners had collections of different vintage pieces that were noteworthy and blended together with the architectural salvage elements mixed for an interesting environment. Whether it’s a recycled church pew, recycled wall sconces, or mid century modern lighting fixtures in a stairwell it makes for interesting conversational pieces when you walk from room to room.