Galvanized by a previous fundraising event where every painting featured was auctioned off on the spot, Susan G. Komen once again enlisted Inspired Interiors to create a memorable moment for its donors attending the prestigious Chicago Auto Show First Look for Charity black-tie gala. 

Working within the parameters of the immense McCormick Place, the Inspired Interiors team faced two design challenges: how to fill the two large walls that would make up the Susan G. Komen vignette at the event, and how to produce a powerful, statement-making space that would resonate with guests, reminding them of the importance of their ongoing contributions to the foundation. 

The inspired answer was to source clear scan mammograms from 100 African American breast cancer survivors (one of Susan G. Komen’s goals is to drive breast cancer awareness in African American women) and literally turn them into art. The Inspired Interiors team digitally retouched the scans to resemble watercolor wall coverings, which were then displayed along the clouded walls of the space and paired with inspirational messages written by the survivors themselves. 

The result was an installation that fulfilled all of the goals set forth by the partnership between Susan G. Komen and Inspired Interiors: to create a space that transcended design and celebrated life itself.