Ideal for the intellect who entertains, this gorgeous two-floor apartment is designed for functional living while seamlessly showing off an impeccably curated art collection. Inspired by historical artifacts and stemming from a love of innovation, his space inspires creativity and cultivates comfort. Modern design highlights vintage finds, the juxtaposition of eye catching art and found vintage items perfectly complement the unique style that echoes throughout his home. The highbrow bachelor can easily wow guests with art from a world renowned graffiti artist or with furniture like the repurposed Porsche chair or the dining room table that once served as the threshold into the first Barnes and Noble in New York City. Sleek, modern, and eclectic, this custom home is much more than just a place to live, it is a canvas of personality and a design daydream. Salvaged letterpress pieces accessorize the kitchen island and create a narrative specific to the homeowner. Simple patio furniture does nothing but accentuate the stunning view, so during those valuable warm summer days and nights, it is the perfect place to take the party outside or enjoy some alone time with the sunset and a book.