The Top 7 Amenities Luxury Home Buyers Want Today

Interior design might not be as fleeting as fashion, but the trends for today’s savvy home buyer definitely look different than a year ago. The home has literally become the center of our collective universe, transforming the ways we think about and function in our residences. 

High-end home buyers are demanding more of their spaces, and luxury custom homebuilders are delivering. Read on for the trending amenities discerning property seekers are currently commanding. 

Compliments to the (home) chef

Now more than ever, home buyers are looking for restaurant-level kitchen and dining amenities to satisfy their taste for pleasure. With at-home entertaining at an all-time high, such bells and whistles as premium built-in espresso machines, wine dispensers, Kegerators and souped-up Salamander grills and broilers re-create the feel (and the food and drink!) of going out without the hassle of leaving the house.  

Luxury Home Amenities

The kids are alright

This was always true, but especially now: Kids need their own space to thrive. Time for play, study, sleep — it all demands dedicated space. The Inspired Luxury Homes team took this lesson to heart when designing their new custom home, outfitting it with larger kids’ bedrooms that each accommodate a queen-sized bed and two nightstands and desks as well as an en suite bathroom, along with areas throughout the residence that can be carved out as playrooms for little ones and/or hangouts for teens. Not to mention plenty of storage for all ages and their various accoutrements

Luxury Home Amenities

Wow-worthy WFH spaces

Talk about a sign of the times — we all suddenly need a home office. By all, we mean everyone, which is why more than one dedicated area for at-home work is now de rigeur. And banishing someone to a forgotten corner of the basement while the other takes the “office” just won’t do. Luxury homes now need well-thought-out rooms that allow for desks, seating, storage and essential perks like coffee and snack bars. Think: Everything your old office has, but way more stylish.

Luxury Home Amenities


Remember going to gyms and spas? Luxury home buyers are calling for the flexibility, convenience and safety of working out and pampering at home. Sporting enthusiasts are building basketball courts and putting greens, but you don’t need to go big to stay home. Rooms reserved for Pelotons; spaces devoted to yoga, meditation and massage; and indoor hot tubs and infrared saunas bring the burn and the chill straight to you.

Out of sight

We love a mudroom — this humble home hero allows for much more organized surroundings overall. Installing functional storage with multiple coat racks, covered bins and drawers means everything — from boots and bags to face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves (you know, the staples of our “new normal”) — gets stored neatly out of the way of the rest of the house. 

The great outdoors

And just like that, our yards, patios, decks, balconies and other outdoor spaces are taking a starring role in our homes and in our lives. Home buyers and builders are working in tandem to intentionally design and develop outdoor spaces for maximum usability and enjoyment. Think: multi-faceted seating arrangements, outdoor “rooms” that blur the line between the indoors and out, and alfresco kitchen and dining configurations that go well beyond the basic backyard grill. 

Pet projects

Our pets are getting in on the action, as well; after all, don’t your Bengal and your Beagle deserve an upgrade, as well? We’ve seen dedicated playrooms, potty stations, bathing areas and built-in crates all adding to the allure of a thoughtfully appointed luxury home that buyers — and their furry companions — crave.

Luxury Home Amenities

With two decades of interior design and architecture experience, Inspired Interiors and Inspired Luxury Homes founder Emily Mackie and her team inherently understand what home buyers need to live their best lives in a carefully chosen, crafted and designed residence. Connect with us to discover how to revitalize your current residence or build a completely customized home from the ground up. We’re here to bring your dream home to life.