Time Spent Creating Memories in Your Space

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

This famous Benjamin Franklin quote appears on a sign outside of the Twelve Oaks plantation in Gone With the Wind, attesting to its universally held truth that there is never enough time to go around. As busy humans living in an increasingly hectic world, we are constantly aware of the effects of time — and how it always seems to go so fast. 

Another popular adage has to do with regret — we’ve all heard of someone facing the end of the road lamenting that they wished they had spent more time doing something they loved. For acclaimed British economist John Maynard Keynes, it reportedly was drinking more Champagne (man after our hearts). But wherever your passions lie, you have the power to manifest them here and now — before it’s too late. And your home is the perfect place to start in creating memories in your space.

Outdoor Design

Make Your Place a Playground

Whether you have an abundance of square footage (and funds) or are more limited in your approach, you should feel free to carve out spaces in your home that facilitate joy, beauty, creativity, togetherness and, yes, fun. These interior design projects need not be huge undertakings (although if you have the means to turn your backyard into the fantasyland setting as above, by all means, go for it). Speaking of the above space, we love how the homeowners let their imaginations run wild — from maximizing the grassy lawn area for impromptu pool parties to creating a more serene setting on the patio for intimate family dinners to installing that completely genius rooftop deck. We’re beyond impressed with the joie de vivre this home absolutely oozes. 


Small Space, Big Dreams

As mentioned, you don’t need a ton of room to manifest happiness in your home. By thinking about how you can optimize the ways you spend your time through the creative interior design of underutilized spaces — think a breakfast nook, a large closet, your garage — you not only reinvent your square footage, you revitalize your mindset.

Small Space Design


For families with kids, a separate space for encouraging entertainment, learning and creativity is a true gift. A dedicated place for children to play, read or watch favorite TV shows and movies creates special everyday moments and memories. If you have the option to add vintage velvet theater seats (as seen above), even better. Who knows? You may even inspire a future interior designer (as celebrated in this charming Architectural Digest feature!). 

Taking a look at your space with fresh eyes can help open up new possibilities. Take a typical window seat. It may seem like a waste of space upon first inspection, but add a curvy, comfy sofa and suddenly you have a welcoming spot for family gatherings, lazy lounging sessions and cherished conversations. 

Intimate Home Design


Stay tuned for all of the exciting ways we’ll explore this topic and more that invite you to live inspired. In the meantime, rate your responses on the “How Fun Is Your Space?” checklist below (and let us know your responses!), and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for unlimited interior design ideas that will serve as your guide into transforming your home into a place filled with opportunities to live life to its fullest.


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