A Guide to Making Your Relocation Dream a Reality

We all know the pull of a dream destination — a place in the world where you feel you could live your best life, whether that’s the beach, the mountains, the desert, or another country altogether. Now’s the time to consider your dream relocation.

As the pandemic upended our lives in so many ways, there are a few positive developments that have potentially changed our lifestyles decidedly for the better. A recent study by online moving resource platform MyMove revealed that almost 16 million people relocated during the pandemic, a 4 percent increase over the previous year, with smaller cities and suburbs in more temperate climates and scenic locales gaining an edge over big urban areas.

We now live in a time where relocating to the destination of our dreams is more in reach than ever before thanks to the advancement of virtual workplaces, remote learning and increased ease of interconnectedness (hello FaceTime chats and Zoom happy hours!).  

Why not consider relocating to an area that inspires, enhances your health and wellbeing and allows you to live the life you’ve always desired? 

Dream Relocation
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Get a Plan in Place for Moving to Your Ideal Space

The idea of picking up and moving to Hawaii or Montana or St. Barts or France may seem daunting, it’s true. Getting a rock-solid plan in place will help make the seemingly impossible suddenly seem doable. Start with having a heart-to-heart with your families and closest friends to get their input and ideas on staying connected — chances are, they’ll be excited to have an appealing place to visit easily and often! 

Next, talk to your boss about working remotely. As mentioned, with the rise and popularity of virtual offices, your company may be surprisingly open to your plans (it’s always beneficial to keep current staff happy, after all). If they are less than enthusiastic, now’s the time to start a strategic job search, whether local to your destination or with another company that is amenable to a virtual workforce. Consider speaking with a recruiter who specializes in relocation.  

Next, if you have school-age children, research remote learning opportunities. This is the golden era of flexible, online schooling that allows for a more personalized and expansive lifestyle for you and your kids.  

Dream Relocation

What’s Your Aspirational Address?

Now that you’ve squared away your familial obligations, your job considerations and your kids’ educational needs, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of making your dream relocation a reality: building a custom home fitting of your new idyllic surroundings. 

A completely new way of building custom homes via 3D Virtual Tours has arrived. This revolutionary process allows for an innovative and immersive approach where all parties can connect via 3D-rendering technology during every step of the project from anywhere in the world. Translation: Find your perfect plot, and you can create your ideal residence via your computer screen before ever even breaking ground. 

Inspired Luxury Homes has harnessed the power of this state-of-the-art homebuilding technology to give buyers more freedom and options to create their custom home literally wherever their heart leads them. Our unique process starts with ensuring building suitability of your property, securing mortgage solutions, and establishing and overseeing project management, and continues all the way through the design, build and furnishing of your home — all virtually and on time and in budget. We connect with the contractor, builders and their teams to order and ship all materials, finishes and furnishings, leaving you free to pack your bags and set up your change of address!

Now’s the time to dream big AND go home! Learn more about Inspired Luxury Homes’ inventive approach and collaborative vision for making your dream relocation a reality — no matter where in the world your aspirations take you.

Featured photo credit: William Pitt/Sotheby’s International