3 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Update Your Home

How do we know when it’s time to make changes to our spaces? Maybe you’ve considered updating your home but weren’t sure if you should move forward. We’ve outlined three identifiable signs that signify it’s time to update your surroundings.


3 Signs That Tell You It's Time to Update Your Home


1. When you have rooms you’re no longer using

If there are rooms in your home that you’re scarcely entering, it’s time to rethink and reconfigure those spaces. Whether it’s because the layout isn’t functional or the furniture isn’t creating an environment that works for you to live in and enjoy, these dead spaces should be reclaimed and utilized to their full potential. 

Repurposing the square footage of unused rooms can significantly improve your life experience within your home. Learn more about how interior design can elevate your daily routines.

3 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Update Your Home


2. Rooms are emotionally flatlining

When you walk into a room and you don’t have an emotional reaction, or worse, you experience negative vibes, it’s time to update your home. These are spaces you don’t want to go into, you don’t want to bring guests into, and overall, leave you feeling dissatisfied.

Bedrooms should provide feelings of intimacy and relaxation, while your bathroom should give you a sense of comfort, calm and serenity. Interior design can create emotional connections to our spaces, which you can read more about here. Find ways to transform your spaces so they provide the emotional connection you crave. 


3 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Update Your Home


3. All your best moments take place outside your home

Do you find yourself wanting to get out of the house more often than you should? Is the best part of your day when you leave your home so you feel that you can experience and enjoy life? Updating your home can change this pattern by creating functional and pleasant spaces for you to make memories within.

Instead of going out for coffee and breakfast, create a gorgeous coffee station and breakfast bar in your own kitchen that adds a luxurious feel to your mornings. Add productive space to your home by converting a lifeless room into a yoga and meditation studio. With countless workout apps available, you can bring the yoga studio experience into your home with the right space to practice. Discover more ideas on spaces to create memories within your home. 

Ready to update your home and make it a place where you make your best memories? Get in touch to discuss your next project.

Creating Emotional Connections to Our Spaces

What emotions are stirred in you when you spend time in certain spaces of your home? Comfort? Intimacy? Happiness? Ideally, your surroundings evoke warm, welcoming feelings, but if your current space is more utilitarian than joy-provoking, you can create interiors that bring forth an emotional connection to our spaces that makes life more meaningful and enjoyable.

We believe that the best way to design a room is to envision how a person will live their lives within those walls. Do they want to be playful with their kids? Romantic with their partner? Hospitable with their family and friends? By making emotions our guiding light, we create surroundings that help manifest those special moments. 

Bathroom Lighting

See the Light

Proper lighting is paramount to the overall vibe of a space; think about how you feel in a light-filled room vs. a more shadowy setting. Considering how much natural light a room gets can help set the right mood; bright, sun-dappled spaces bring about a sense of awakening, which can also be re-created through the ideal incandescent bulbs. Dim down the lights (via a lower wattage) and turn up the heat in rooms where romance and intimacy are desired. (And don’t forget the candles!) 

Outdoor Patio Design

All the Feels

Texture is another powerful emotional connector — it can even dictate how long you stay in a specific space. Super tactile fabrics and surfaces would feel all wrong in, say, a medical office, but are right at home in a snug living room, luxurious bedroom or cozy outdoor retreat where coming together for rest and relaxation rules the day. 

Kitchen Design
Cooktop by Wolf/Sub-Zero

Life’s Simple Pleasures

The anticipation of that first shot of espresso in the morning. The draw of a warming cup of tea on a cool fall afternoon. The release of a glass of wine in the evening. These rituals, while simple, add up to sensory delights that we look forward to each day. That’s why we have such emotional connections to our kitchens — it’s one of the places in our homes that brings us pure, unabashed pleasure. We believe in kitting out our kitchens with appliances that make these practices even more delicious, such as beautifully designed servingware, a top-of-the-line coffee maker or a separate fridge reserved for our favorite vintages. These culinary bells and whistles are always worth the investment.

Wine cooler at the Miele Experience Center Chicago

Establishing surroundings that evoke an emotional response is easier than you think with the guidance of the Inspired Interiors team. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and share your home photos with us. We’d love to collaborate on an interior design that dares you to feel deeply and live boldly.