Blending Historic and Modern Home Design

It may seem intimidating or even downright impossible, but blending historic and modern interior design in your home isn’t as tough to pull off as you might think. By taking into account your home’s essential interior and exterior elements, you can add furnishings, fixtures and other flair that introduce a more modern attitude and best represent you and your individual aesthetic.

In our ongoing Dare to Live series, we explore how to harness the power of interior design to create surroundings that are a true reflection of our personalities and lifestyles. Here we’ll delve into the myriad ways to combine traditional and modern aspects into one harmonious home design.

Europeans are far more free when it comes to embracing the juxtaposition of the historic and the contemporary. (When your buildings date back centuries, you tend to find creative ways to inject a sense of currency.) Design-minded travelers will find these bright, colorful front doors throughout the continent, and we love the energy they emit, especially when paired with traditional exterior masonry. Why not spark interest in your abode and stand out from the rest of the street?

It may seem counterintuitive, but a sleek steel-and-glass staircase can lend an appealing airy quality to a more staid space, such as in this English Tudor cottage. It’s a strategic way to not be hemmed in by a home’s classic bones and a brilliant use of space.

In the Midwest, we see an abundance of Prairie-style residences, often with coffered ceilings and wood millwork. Rather than attempting to cover up these decidedly traditional design elements, it’s more alluring to play off of them by introducing bold contemporary furnishings that imbue the space with fresh energy and positivity.

Intriguing modern furnishings are a welcome breath of fresh air in a historic space. The seemingly paradoxical pairing is refreshing and highlights the more traditional elements of a home such as wainscoting in surprising, satisfying ways.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, by all means, show it off! Incorporating modern mirrors, furniture and lighting into the room pays homage to the hearth but still offers a compelling contemporary edge.

We believe that anything is possible for your surroundings when you open your mind and, of course, work with an experienced design professional. Connect with the Inspired Interiors team to discover how we can collaborate on an interior design that embodies the historic and the modern in equal measure.