Lighting interior design inspiration

Some may consider lighting an afterthought when planning out their interior design, but we look at light fixtures as a key component in achieving your overall aesthetic. From sleek and modern to opulent and over-the-top, lighting interior design can be everything from functional to decorative, but is always essential.

For our ongoing Inspired Interiors Dare to Live series, we’ll illuminate the various ways lighting trends can make a style statement — while brightening our days and enlivening our evenings.

If your tastes lean to the ornate, you really need some Baccarat crystal lighting in your life. The renowned crystal connoisseurs create eye-poppingly extravagant chandeliers, sconces and other fixtures that positively drip with elegance. These pieces never go out of style and always hold their value, so consider them an inimitable investment.

From the timeless to the task-oriented: Don’t forget that lighting also serves a fundamental function. (But that doesn’t mean it should ever be boring.) This slim, sophisticated SEED Design light fixture sheds light over a table or desk without interfering with an abundance of natural light — or masking a breathtaking view.

Have a large space you need illuminated? A graduated, multi-armed hanging light fixture will throw light around the room, accentuating any natural sun you have coming in and casting a lovely halo effect.

Are you craving a more ethereal setting? These luxury handmade chandeliers from Manooi are one-of-a-kind objets d’art, conceiving a dazzling cloud of crystals that captivates anyone who has the pleasure of being beneath them.

A flickering gas lantern sets a distinctive mood, as any visitor to the French Quarter can attest. Bevolo has been handcrafting gas and electric lighting in New Orleans since 1945 and capturing the imaginations of Southerners (and Southerners at heart) ever since. These evocative fixtures have been a staple in upscale Southern residences but also add charm to homes everywhere. Make the neighbors ask: “Who lives in that house?”

Speaking of Southern Gothic style, can you think of anything more fantastical than a wax-draped chandelier holding court over a sumptuously decorated dining table? Nope, us either.

Simply put, lighting has the power to transform the interior design of a home. The Inspired Interiors team is exhilarated by the options we can share with you to light up your life. Let’s chat!

Areas for Adult Activities in the Home

Sure, a home serves many functional purposes — it offers shelter, comfort and warmth (and a place to put all of your shoes). But, in our eyes, it should also be an oasis, a place that provides pleasure, somewhere you look forward to returning to again and again, the ultimate hangout spot.

In our ongoing Dare to Live series, we have been highlighting what it means to make our homes true reflections of our personalities, passions and desires. Here we’ll explore the allure of adding areas dedicated to more adult endeavors.

What could be more decadent than having your own walk-in humidor to store your fine collection of cigars (or marijuana, as it were)? We have worked on several projects with in-home cigar libraries and vaults, which set the stage for a cozy lounge area for lighting up. These back-lit showcases for your home cigar bar are particularly stunning, especially when paired with cushy leather club chairs you can sink into and enjoy your smoke.

Make your home the hottest spot in town with a beautiful home liquor cabinet fully stocked with your favorite elixirs and accoutrements paired with fine crystal glassware. Picture this: You and your closest confidantes gathered around to enjoy a perfectly aged whiskey. You’ll never have to leave home for a luxe libation again.

We are major fans of finding creative ways to utilize unused spaces in the home, such as this clever walk-in home wine storage solution that maximizes the historically untouched area beneath a staircase.

In an idea inspired by the hospitality world, wine dispensers are ideal ways to keep cherished bottles fresh. You can even set the spigots to pour an exact number of ounces, perfect for sipping a fine vintage with fellow oenophiles in the comfort of your own kitchen.

We believe all of your favorite passions and pursuits should be the centerpiece of your residence. Connect with the Inspired Interiors team to discover how we can create a home for you that is a true haven.

Collection Display Interior Design Ideas

A collection can be whatever you make it — from vinyl records to vintage clothing. It doesn’t have to be something formal or forced, but assembling timeless items does offer a snapshot of your life and what you consider valuable. Whether it’s comprised of inherited heirlooms or lovingly acquired purchases, a collection is a sweet homage to what you deem important.

In our ongoing Dare to Live series, we have been exploring ways in which interior design allows us to fully inhabit our surroundings and imbue our spaces with life. Here, we’ll discover how designing around dearly accumulated items can be a particularly rewarding pursuit.

We hold this axiom close to our hearts: Everyone needs a china collection. But not just any collection — why not amass a riotous mix of patterns and colors that transform a dining table into a canvas fit for a living, breathing painting? Parties have so much more pop when the decorations are built right in.

Speaking of tableware, a quirky collection of teapots, cups and saucers sets a whimsical tone for any afternoon tea party. With a selection to choose from, you can pick the pieces specifically for each guest, making for a memorable soiree that will have your attendees talking.

Doorknobs might not come immediately to mind when thinking about an appealing assemblage. We beg to differ. Think about what a doorknob represents: a passageway, a pause where time passes, decisions are made and people progress through their days, their lives. They’re also often beautiful pieces that look rather enticing when grouped together.

When was the last time you looked at the time (and we don’t mean on your phone screen)? Nothing beats the melodic tick-tock of a grandfather or cuckoo clock perfectly positioned in your home. It creates a different atmosphere and literally transports you through time.

Speaking of the entrancing power of sound, a vintage record player, turntable or Victrola offers the opportunity to listen to music as it was meant to be heard. Imagine playing some DeBussy while relaxing on the couch or — even better — in the bathtub.

What could be more personal than a display of love letters, carefully preserved and affectionately assembled? One of our favorite interior design projects was for a woman who had a compilation of correspondence from her grandfather to her grandmother while he was stationed overseas during wartime. This touching tribute is now a centerpiece of her home and a beguiling glimpse into her past.

On a much more boisterous note, a spare space-turned-home-arcade is a sure crowd pleaser. A vintage pinball machine, arcade-style video games, a pool table — these are all invitations to check out of everyday life and lose yourself in the sheer joy of fun and games.

We all have various items we adore to have in our home, and our team loves to let those collections take center stage. We can help you display and showcase your collections so that your surroundings show an appreciation for the past while creating a captivating present. Let’s connect!