Wallpaper Design With That Wow Factor

We know what you’re thinking: Wallpaper? In 2019? We’re here to give you a resounding yes.

Wallcoverings have come a long way since their fussy, frumpy past, evolving into an interior design project that makes a major statement with fairly minor commitment. Think of modern wallpaper as more of a serial monogamist relationship than a ‘til-death-do-us-part pledge.

That said, the right home wallpaper design can be game changing, so take the time to find the right design that speaks to you, your aesthetic and your — yes, we said it — your soul.

As the saying goes, go big or go home. How about both? This mesmerizing kaleidoscope modern wallpaper draws you into a reading nook or other small space — the effect is entirely enthralling.

Speaking of hypnotic wallpaper design trends, this leopard-print abstract over a wash basin is so fascinating there’s no need for a mirror. Why stare at your own visage when you can be transported into exotic far-away lands while sudsing up?

A super large-scale botanical print evokes dark drama, injecting a living area with spirit and romanticism. Bid adieu to your grandma’s sweet, safe floral.

Precise fine lines come together to harness creativity and collaboration in a motivational workspace, conveying more energy than a solid-colored wall ever could. This versatile home wallpaper from Devon & Devon can be installed vertically or horizontally — let your imagination run wild!

Poppy, peppy, ‘60s-inspired prints are a fresh and fun way to bring life into a home. We are digging this bold daisy print for its lively color scheme and smile-inducing pattern.

Can’t decide if you’re a nature lover or a modern minimalist? Why choose? This abstract wallcovering blends the best of both worlds, bringing together two seemingly divergent prints in an eye-catching pattern thanks to a harmonious color palette.

Ombré continues to be a big trend in all design fields, from hair color to nail art to interior design. It speaks to the artist within us all. This striking abstract pattern graduates from gold to a deep navy, through a series of shapes and back again, setting an ultra stylish stage.

What do you dream about when you go to sleep? If it’s high-flying fantasies you’re after, bedroom wallpaper can deliver. Add a touch of whimsy to a bedroom backdrop without the cost or commitment of commissioning an artist’s mural.

The Inspired Interiors team doesn’t shy away from wallpaper as a way to express your deepest design desires. Let’s talk how we can select and utilize creative wallcoverings in your own abode.

Bathtub Ideas That Make a Splashy Statement

As it’s most likely the largest component, it makes sense to consider your bathtub the centerpiece of your entire bathroom renovation. Thinking beyond pure function, bathtubs can also take on a persona of their own. Is your aesthetic all-American or Euro chic? Do you want to create a cozy, intimate vibe? Or a spa-like haven for self care? There’s a bathtub for that.

As we continue our Dare to Live series, we’ll take a deep dive into all of the bathtub design ideas that are making a splash in 2019 — and beyond.

Go ahead — place your bathtub near windows. This spacious freestanding tub is flooded with natural light, a beautiful space to envision bringing the outdoors in. Greenery is also having a major moment in interior design, and the bathroom provides the perfect place for plants to flourish.

A colored bathtub can take on many guises — here, it’s a whimsical vintage vibe. Look for colored skirts, or DIY types can make it a painting project. This airy open-floor plan (complete with cozy fireplace!) allows the soaking tub to really take center stage.

Matching your tub to your bathroom wallpaper? Why not, we say! This spectacular scalable print from Devon & Devon is enhanced by the striking red hue of the bathtub, conjuring an especially chic aquarium where you can fashionably float your cares away.

Let form follow function in your bathtub design. Would a two-person tub fulfill your fantasies? Sounds like a pleasant way to clean up to us. Place a small table or lamp with a stand nearby to stow bath and body products — or a nightcap.

Speaking of a fun Friday night, incorporate versatile (and easy-to-clean) acrylic or wood caddies to your ensemble to hold the essentials for a luxurious bath: bubbles, a book and a glass of vino.

If you have the space, a separate dressing area between the bathroom and bedroom is a fantastic addition, giving you a private nook to get ready, read a book, lounge, daydream…. You name it!

An elegant slipper tub with elongated backs is the perfect pairing of style and substance — it resembles a gently sloping wave while keeping your back warm and supported during an extended soak. We also love this serene all-white design scheme in the bathroom — it is tranquil and polished without being harsh.

What could possibly be more Zen than a Japanese soaking tub? You literally need to climb into this deep vessel, where relaxation meets the ultimate in luxury.

The Inspired Interiors team believes that bathrooms should be a well thought out respite — a place where you can go to prepare for the day or evening ahead, plot your future or just unwind. Let’s talk about the bathroom renovation of your dreams.

Picking the Perfect Faucets and Showerheads

If you’ve been following our “Dare to Live” series, you know that we find the most inspiration in interior design details that comprise a cohesive, compelling home. By carefully selecting items, furnishings and fixtures that really resonate with you, you’ll craft an overall aesthetic that is reflective of you and your lifestyle and truly feels like home.

Because we spend so much of our lives in our kitchens and bathrooms, our faucets and showerheads take on meaning beyond functionality. By choosing fixtures that fit your range of needs (from the practical to the polished), you can upgrade your daily chores into enjoyable self-care rituals.

Kitchens With Style and Substance

This ultra-modern kitchen showcases several design trends we’re loving. First of all, notice the three different faucet installations from Brizo. The main faucet features smart-touch technology (tap lightly to turn on/off or hold to move without turning off the water), while a bar sink and pot filler add convenience for the home cook. The minimalist open-floor plan and fireplace also make us swoon!

A cool industrial vibe is gleaned from these faucets from Waterworks, where function meets fabulous. The internal mechanics are exposed, giving you something to gaze at in wonderment while you rinse your Champagne flutes.

Brass and black faucet finishes are also trending in the interior design world — we love how this classic-meets-modern combination fits in a wide variety of decor styles.

Beautiful Bathrooms

Airy, expansive open-floor plans extend to the bathroom, as well, lending a feeling of more space and letting the fixtures really pop. These brass faucets and showerheads from Brizo make a stylish statement while elevating your daily routines from simply cleansing to immersing yourself in spa-like luxury.

Style and substance come together beautifully in this shower system from Waterworks, with an overhead faucet joined by a bathtub spout and a wonderful shower “wand” that works like magic and cleans like a dream.

We believe that by enhancing your kitchen and bathroom fixtures, you can boost your spirits and improve your quality of life. We’re here to help you find the perfect fixtures and furnishings that create your ideal surroundings — find out how we can collaborate.