The Marriage of Interior Design Styles

When a couple first moves in together, the familiar angst of merging styles and stuff comes inevitably and immediately into play. (The Carrie Fisher-Bruno Kirby wagon wheel coffee table standoff in “When Harry Met Sally” comes memorably to mind.) When joining together in a physical space, it can seem daunting to combine everything so that it all comes together harmoniously.

Yes, blending the styles of two unique individuals can be tricky. But by delving into personality traits and hopes for their home, a couple can successfully blend their design visions to create the abode of their dreams. Here is just one of the instances when an interior designer taps into their trained relationship skills.

For the design team at Inspired Interiors, the recipe for success begins by sitting down and interviewing the happy couple. The clients are encouraged to use adjectives about how they want to feel in their home. The more evocative the language the better. For example, perhaps one partner dreams of a space that feels clean and crisp, while the other half desires delicious and sexy surroundings. While these approaches may seem disparate at first, the second step of the process helps to define and distill the shared design vision.

Based on these conversations and the expressive adjectives they generate, our team researches and compiles images that represent these suggestions. Continuing with our clean/crisp and delicious/sexy examples, the sample photography could include interiors that feature juicy imagery in bright colors with clean defined lines (think: Andy Warhol’s infamous lips collage or Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art cartoons) that have tons of sex appeal but presented in a streamlined, straightforward way.

The collection of images is displayed for the couple, with equal images representing each partner’s design approach. The clients can then select images that both agree on and eliminate those that don’t speak to their shared aesthetic. Eventually, a common denominator emerges, ensuring a recipe for design success.

It is then the interior design team’s job to source furniture and artwork that the couple recognizes as representative of both of their visions. By remaining pliable but clear-cut in their individual desires, a shared aesthetic is born.

Happily ever after, indeed.