The Art of the Collection

Are you a music buff with an enviable array of signed concert posters? A world traveler with an exotic assemblage of African masks? Or perhaps your objet d’art collection could rival that of a museum. These items speak volumes about you and your style and deserve to be the centerpiece of your home.

With savvy interior design guidance, your singular collection could take center stage rather than sit unnoticed and unloved in a spare room. These pieces create a sense of wonder and spark conversation among your guests. A collection of clocks, for example, make people think about how time is spent; an assortment of artfully displayed keys can speak to breaking down barriers. It is these thought-provoking elements that truly make a successful home.

Inspired Interiors has worked on numerous interior design projects that have showcased intriguing collections, including a bathroom that displayed a wall decorated with backplates and door knobs from old estates (opening a door to the past, perhaps?). And, in our own River North offices, we have “The Key Wall,” a striking collection of antique keys set on a gold background that makes a definitive statement: “Here we can unlock all of your interior design dreams.”

If your idea of a collection conjures memories of your great aunt’s dusty Hummel figurines, shake up the notion that having an assortment of something — anything! — is automatically boring, old-fashioned or staid. Collections can be fun — wacky, even — and are worth nurturing. Nothing reveals more about your rich personal life.

We can help gather, organize and properly display your unique collections so that they have their rightful place in your home — and in your life. It would be our pleasure to help tell your life’s story through your lovingly assembled objects.