Lighting interior design inspiration

Some may consider lighting an afterthought when planning out their interior design, but we look at light fixtures as a key component in achieving your overall aesthetic. From sleek and modern to opulent and over-the-top, lighting interior design can be everything from functional to decorative, but is always essential.

For our ongoing Inspired Interiors Dare to Live series, we’ll illuminate the various ways lighting trends can make a style statement — while brightening our days and enlivening our evenings.

If your tastes lean to the ornate, you really need some Baccarat crystal lighting in your life. The renowned crystal connoisseurs create eye-poppingly extravagant chandeliers, sconces and other fixtures that positively drip with elegance. These pieces never go out of style and always hold their value, so consider them an inimitable investment.

From the timeless to the task-oriented: Don’t forget that lighting also serves a fundamental function. (But that doesn’t mean it should ever be boring.) This slim, sophisticated SEED Design light fixture sheds light over a table or desk without interfering with an abundance of natural light — or masking a breathtaking view.

Have a large space you need illuminated? A graduated, multi-armed hanging light fixture will throw light around the room, accentuating any natural sun you have coming in and casting a lovely halo effect.

Are you craving a more ethereal setting? These luxury handmade chandeliers from Manooi are one-of-a-kind objets d’art, conceiving a dazzling cloud of crystals that captivates anyone who has the pleasure of being beneath them.

A flickering gas lantern sets a distinctive mood, as any visitor to the French Quarter can attest. Bevolo has been handcrafting gas and electric lighting in New Orleans since 1945 and capturing the imaginations of Southerners (and Southerners at heart) ever since. These evocative fixtures have been a staple in upscale Southern residences but also add charm to homes everywhere. Make the neighbors ask: “Who lives in that house?”

Speaking of Southern Gothic style, can you think of anything more fantastical than a wax-draped chandelier holding court over a sumptuously decorated dining table? Nope, us either.

Simply put, lighting has the power to transform the interior design of a home. The Inspired Interiors team is exhilarated by the options we can share with you to light up your life. Let’s chat!