Areas for Adult Activities in the Home

Sure, a home serves many functional purposes — it offers shelter, comfort and warmth (and a place to put all of your shoes). But, in our eyes, it should also be an oasis, a place that provides pleasure, somewhere you look forward to returning to again and again, the ultimate hangout spot.

In our ongoing Dare to Live series, we have been highlighting what it means to make our homes true reflections of our personalities, passions and desires. Here we’ll explore the allure of adding areas dedicated to more adult endeavors.

What could be more decadent than having your own walk-in humidor to store your fine collection of cigars (or marijuana, as it were)? We have worked on several projects with in-home cigar libraries and vaults, which set the stage for a cozy lounge area for lighting up. These back-lit showcases for your home cigar bar are particularly stunning, especially when paired with cushy leather club chairs you can sink into and enjoy your smoke.

Make your home the hottest spot in town with a beautiful home liquor cabinet fully stocked with your favorite elixirs and accoutrements paired with fine crystal glassware. Picture this: You and your closest confidantes gathered around to enjoy a perfectly aged whiskey. You’ll never have to leave home for a luxe libation again.

We are major fans of finding creative ways to utilize unused spaces in the home, such as this clever walk-in home wine storage solution that maximizes the historically untouched area beneath a staircase.

In an idea inspired by the hospitality world, wine dispensers are ideal ways to keep cherished bottles fresh. You can even set the spigots to pour an exact number of ounces, perfect for sipping a fine vintage with fellow oenophiles in the comfort of your own kitchen.

We believe all of your favorite passions and pursuits should be the centerpiece of your residence. Connect with the Inspired Interiors team to discover how we can create a home for you that is a true haven.