An incredible single family home in Lincoln Park by an architecturally renowned developer was fitted out with amazing furniture to suit the family’s lifestyle: that of two executive parents and three teenage/college aged kids. The space was sprinkled with all of their travel memorabilia and artwork, but not taking away from their very upscale city lifestyle. It was important that the home reflected the fruits of their careers and hard work. Entertaining family and friends was a priority so the rooms were furnished for social aspects like sitting around the fireplace or in the kitchen. All of the furniture and finishes were selected around that. The bedroom was a celebration to the wife. Basic foundational elements in gray tones were put in, but then it was spruced up with a spark of color. The cabinet was more about how many times does a woman have all of her really nice shoes and evening bags and never get enough opportunities to wear them? So we were trying to her find opportunities for her to wear these, why not? The whole point was that her shoe and handbag collection was sort of in her face every day to celebrate what you have an enjoy it!