Interior Design for Our Fabulous Furry Friends

Are pets an important part of your home life? You’re not alone. Not only is pet ownership becoming more popular among young people, especially couples, but more money, time and effort are being spent on our fur babies than ever before. According to the American Pet Products Association, Millennials tend to spend more on pampering their pets than their parents and grandparents ever did.

And, of course, along with the more elite status our dogs and cats enjoy in our lives comes the desire to elevate the spaces they inhabit in our homes, as well. In other words, gone are the days of ugly plastic crates, floppy dog beds and unsightly litter boxes on full display. In recent years, luxury pet design has found its place in high-end residences around the world. Some of the latest trends in upscale interior design include pet-friendly concepts such as mudrooms or larger laundry rooms with built-in dog-washing stations offering the latest ergonomic features for caring for animals of a variety of sizes. No more bending over the bathtub to suds up your pup! Now you can also banish sloppy food and water bowls from taking up valuable space on your kitchen floor. An ingenious solution: Cabinets with roll-out drawers that contain feeding stations conveniently placed at your furry friend’s height. After the meal, the drawers can simply be pushed back in and out of sight!

Another luxury pet-friendly design trend that we are absolutely loving is built-in beds and kennels. For smaller dogs or cats, leaving a space where lower cabinets would typically be creates a nesting space perfect for a pet bed that is out of the way of main foot traffic. If your pet requires kenneling, doors with screens can be installed and closed when necessary to ensure your pet’s well being.

Good design is about bringing friends and family together, including those of the fur-covered variety. Whether adding half-height pocket doors to create a stylish gate or putting in a doggy-sized whirlpool for canine workouts, you can feature stylish and functional places for your pets that celebrate their presence and prominence in the family.

Whether it’s incorporating pets, combining convergent aesthetics or reflecting your personality through your surroundings, Inspired Interiors designs spaces that are distinctly, definitively you. Browse through our Project Gallery to see some of our favorite designs and get in touch with us. We’d love to meet with you … and, of course, your pets.