Dare to Live: Creative Kids’ Rooms

When it comes to designing rooms for the little ones in your life — from children’s bedrooms and bathrooms to dedicated play areas — it’s tempting to go by the book (and by “book” we mean the ubiquitous home design catalogs that everyone receives like clockwork). We’re here to dare you to live beyond the ordinary and infuse the spaces your kids live in every day with surprising touches that will inspire budding imaginations, encourage calm and rest when needed and spark a sense of fun!

Rev Up Your Routines

Have trouble getting your kids up and at ’em before school or persuading them to go to sleep at night? By giving them a space that makes them excited about the day while also offering a cozy, comforting place to relax, unwind and drift off after their busy day, you’ll boost their energy, confidence and sense of security.

With a few touches of whimsy — think a slide extending from your child’s top bunk for an energetic start to the morning, a swing chair that beckons for quiet afternoon reading sessions and a dreamy bedding ensemble that will bring about sweet dreams — your kids will want to start the day off right and wind down when it’s time for lights out. In essence, create a space for your kids that will enhance their daily routine and that they’ll actually want to call their own.

Small Spaces for Big Fun

Do you have a small space in your home that could be put to better use, perhaps a mudroom or an empty guest room? By dedicating this area for play and fun for your kids, you’ll free up the other, more high-profile places in your home for more adult activities.

Add a flatscreen, a futon and some cushy ottomans for a kid-sized movie theater. Set up easels and (washable!) paints for a mini art studio. Build an indoor tent for next-level sleepovers. Your house is sure to be the preferred neighborhood spot for play dates!

The Inspired Interiors team loves dreaming big for you, your family and your surroundings. Let’s collaborate to create spaces where you and your children will make the memories to last a lifetime.