Wallpaper Design With That Wow Factor

We know what you’re thinking: Wallpaper? In 2019? We’re here to give you a resounding yes.

Wallcoverings have come a long way since their fussy, frumpy past, evolving into an interior design project that makes a major statement with fairly minor commitment. Think of modern wallpaper as more of a serial monogamist relationship than a ‘til-death-do-us-part pledge.

That said, the right home wallpaper design can be game changing, so take the time to find the right design that speaks to you, your aesthetic and your — yes, we said it — your soul.

As the saying goes, go big or go home. How about both? This mesmerizing kaleidoscope modern wallpaper draws you into a reading nook or other small space — the effect is entirely enthralling.

Speaking of hypnotic wallpaper design trends, this leopard-print abstract over a wash basin is so fascinating there’s no need for a mirror. Why stare at your own visage when you can be transported into exotic far-away lands while sudsing up?

A super large-scale botanical print evokes dark drama, injecting a living area with spirit and romanticism. Bid adieu to your grandma’s sweet, safe floral.

Precise fine lines come together to harness creativity and collaboration in a motivational workspace, conveying more energy than a solid-colored wall ever could. This versatile home wallpaper from Devon & Devon can be installed vertically or horizontally — let your imagination run wild!

Poppy, peppy, ‘60s-inspired prints are a fresh and fun way to bring life into a home. We are digging this bold daisy print for its lively color scheme and smile-inducing pattern.

Can’t decide if you’re a nature lover or a modern minimalist? Why choose? This abstract wallcovering blends the best of both worlds, bringing together two seemingly divergent prints in an eye-catching pattern thanks to a harmonious color palette.

Ombré continues to be a big trend in all design fields, from hair color to nail art to interior design. It speaks to the artist within us all. This striking abstract pattern graduates from gold to a deep navy, through a series of shapes and back again, setting an ultra stylish stage.

What do you dream about when you go to sleep? If it’s high-flying fantasies you’re after, bedroom wallpaper can deliver. Add a touch of whimsy to a bedroom backdrop without the cost or commitment of commissioning an artist’s mural.

The Inspired Interiors team doesn’t shy away from wallpaper as a way to express your deepest design desires. Let’s talk how we can select and utilize creative wallcoverings in your own abode.

Bathtub Ideas That Make a Splashy Statement

As it’s most likely the largest component, it makes sense to consider your bathtub the centerpiece of your entire bathroom renovation. Thinking beyond pure function, bathtubs can also take on a persona of their own. Is your aesthetic all-American or Euro chic? Do you want to create a cozy, intimate vibe? Or a spa-like haven for self care? There’s a bathtub for that.

As we continue our Dare to Live series, we’ll take a deep dive into all of the bathtub design ideas that are making a splash in 2019 — and beyond.

Go ahead — place your bathtub near windows. This spacious freestanding tub is flooded with natural light, a beautiful space to envision bringing the outdoors in. Greenery is also having a major moment in interior design, and the bathroom provides the perfect place for plants to flourish.

A colored bathtub can take on many guises — here, it’s a whimsical vintage vibe. Look for colored skirts, or DIY types can make it a painting project. This airy open-floor plan (complete with cozy fireplace!) allows the soaking tub to really take center stage.

Matching your tub to your bathroom wallpaper? Why not, we say! This spectacular scalable print from Devon & Devon is enhanced by the striking red hue of the bathtub, conjuring an especially chic aquarium where you can fashionably float your cares away.

Let form follow function in your bathtub design. Would a two-person tub fulfill your fantasies? Sounds like a pleasant way to clean up to us. Place a small table or lamp with a stand nearby to stow bath and body products — or a nightcap.

Speaking of a fun Friday night, incorporate versatile (and easy-to-clean) acrylic or wood caddies to your ensemble to hold the essentials for a luxurious bath: bubbles, a book and a glass of vino.

If you have the space, a separate dressing area between the bathroom and bedroom is a fantastic addition, giving you a private nook to get ready, read a book, lounge, daydream…. You name it!

An elegant slipper tub with elongated backs is the perfect pairing of style and substance — it resembles a gently sloping wave while keeping your back warm and supported during an extended soak. We also love this serene all-white design scheme in the bathroom — it is tranquil and polished without being harsh.

What could possibly be more Zen than a Japanese soaking tub? You literally need to climb into this deep vessel, where relaxation meets the ultimate in luxury.

The Inspired Interiors team believes that bathrooms should be a well thought out respite — a place where you can go to prepare for the day or evening ahead, plot your future or just unwind. Let’s talk about the bathroom renovation of your dreams.

Picking the Perfect Faucets and Showerheads

If you’ve been following our “Dare to Live” series, you know that we find the most inspiration in interior design details that comprise a cohesive, compelling home. By carefully selecting items, furnishings and fixtures that really resonate with you, you’ll craft an overall aesthetic that is reflective of you and your lifestyle and truly feels like home.

Because we spend so much of our lives in our kitchens and bathrooms, our faucets and showerheads take on meaning beyond functionality. By choosing fixtures that fit your range of needs (from the practical to the polished), you can upgrade your daily chores into enjoyable self-care rituals.

Kitchens With Style and Substance

This ultra-modern kitchen showcases several design trends we’re loving. First of all, notice the three different faucet installations from Brizo. The main faucet features smart-touch technology (tap lightly to turn on/off or hold to move without turning off the water), while a bar sink and pot filler add convenience for the home cook. The minimalist open-floor plan and fireplace also make us swoon!

A cool industrial vibe is gleaned from these faucets from Waterworks, where function meets fabulous. The internal mechanics are exposed, giving you something to gaze at in wonderment while you rinse your Champagne flutes.

Brass and black faucet finishes are also trending in the interior design world — we love how this classic-meets-modern combination fits in a wide variety of decor styles.

Beautiful Bathrooms

Airy, expansive open-floor plans extend to the bathroom, as well, lending a feeling of more space and letting the fixtures really pop. These brass faucets and showerheads from Brizo make a stylish statement while elevating your daily routines from simply cleansing to immersing yourself in spa-like luxury.

Style and substance come together beautifully in this shower system from Waterworks, with an overhead faucet joined by a bathtub spout and a wonderful shower “wand” that works like magic and cleans like a dream.

We believe that by enhancing your kitchen and bathroom fixtures, you can boost your spirits and improve your quality of life. We’re here to help you find the perfect fixtures and furnishings that create your ideal surroundings — find out how we can collaborate.

Design Is in the Details

Yes, we love a splashy statement piece as much as anyone, but, for us, the best interior design definitely lies in the details. By dreaming up creative ways to express our clients’ interests and lifestyles through their living spaces, we are helping to build a home that authentically reflects their personalities and passions.

In our “Dare to Live” series, we have been exploring ways that your surroundings can be a true reflection of who you are and what you care about. We believe that the seemingly small details of your design the thoughtful touches that show what you appreciate and value most in life are really the most revealing, the most profound and, yes, the most fun aspects of your home.

A recent Inspired Interiors client is an avid book lover who wanted his surroundings to speak volumes about his boundless adoration of reading. Rather than recycle trite odes to publications, we unearthed innovative ways to make his space an elegant celebration of the written word.

In a bedroom designed specifically for this bibliophile, a herringbone bookcase organizes his prized books in the most eye-catching of ways. Arranged as a sort of Pez dispenser, his monthly reading lists are now at the touch of his fingers. Flanking the bed are nightstands crafted from old library card catalogs (you remember the Dewey Decimal system), which were purchased on a salvage sale website and made locally.

On the same salvage site, we sourced vintage letterpress pieces that were custom crafted into a striking bar. As we consulted with our client about all of the stories by other people that he’s read, we wanted to start weaving his narrative through his home’s singular design.

In the same home, we took a wrought iron detail from the flagship NYC Barnes & Noble store and used it as the surface of a distinctive dining table that sparks conversation as it gathers guests.

Perhaps your passion lies in classic cars, as is the case with another recent client of ours. Using headlamps sourced from vintage vehicles, we commissioned a custom chandelier to rev up his foyer. The best part? The lights can be pivoted and repositioned to showcase anything and everything his heart desires.

Sometimes the most dynamic details are those that elevate an everyday object into an objet d’art. Consider, for example, this decadent liquor cabinet, featuring glossy wood veneer, leather and brass on the exterior that houses a lighted, mirrored interior. Thoughtfully recessed doors ensure no one bumps into all this fabulousness while crafting a cocktail.

By taking the time to select pieces that are emblematic of what makes you you, your surroundings will have a one-of-a-kind feeling you can’t find anywhere else. And, isn’t that the point of interior design in the first place? We can help you identify those unique characteristics to draw out in your home’s design. Let’s start the conversation.

Ideas for Elegant Home Organization

It’s officially springtime, and it’s natural to start thinking about renewal — rejuvenating our routines and refreshing our living spaces. Just like the daffodils are bursting through the ground to bring new life to the outdoors, our indoor surroundings could use some revival, as well.

We’ve all read the annual “spring cleaning” stories that advocate for deep cleanings and the tried-and-true “store-donate-toss” rule. We’d like to push the boundaries on that line of thinking to talk about multifunctional interior design that opens up new possibilities throughout your home. By adding a few intentional touches and reimagining your rooms, you can create storage solutions that will free up space in the most elegant of ways.

Kitchens That Clean Up

We have long been fans of glass cabinet doors that make kitchens feel light and airy — and inspire you to keep your household essentials arranged nicely!

A lovely dining room hutch is another classic storage solution to hold all of your special pieces. You’ll find it’s much easier to use all of that wonderful china and glassware you’ve been hanging on to when it’s all within reach. Perhaps it’s time for a festive spring fete!

Beautifully Designed Bathrooms

With all of the various lotions and potions and accoutrements needed to put yourself together every day, the bathroom can easily become the most disorganized place in the house. By sourcing attractive repositories to house all of your necessities, you’ll clear the clutter and create a serene, spa-like space to start your day in very Zen surroundings.

Home Offices That Mean Business

It’s true: Organized surroundings lead to clearer thinking, just the thing that’s needed in a home office. Modular, multifunctional blocks can be built into an interchangeable bookcase to put everything you need right at your fingertips. They can also be moved and stacked to create room dividers that delineate space but still let the light flow.

For a more vintage vibe, an old armoire can be transformed into a stylish storage space by removing the front doors and letting the shelves take a starring role.

Hyper-Organized Entryways

It’s human nature: You walk through the door at the end of a long day and immediately want to free yourself all of your stuff. Make your entryway a sort of nerve center for your home by hanging coat hooks, adding shoe cubbies and building in bins to house scarves, gloves and other daily necessities. A mirror and a wall clock are useful touches to help get you out of the house on time.

The Inspired Interiors team loves a good home organization project! Together, we’ll find innovative, attractive ways to optimize storage and reimagine spaces with luxurious design in mind. Let’s work together.

Living Rooms That Defy Expectations

Living rooms can get a bad rap. Depending on an abode’s layout and its inhabitants’ lifestyle, living rooms can be seen as stuffy, staid surroundings that don’t often see the light of day, or they can be messy, disorganized catchalls where people conduct most of their life without much thought about the look and feel of the area itself.

If the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, think of the living room as the persona — often the first place in a residence that guests experience, but also a room where you and your family can really let loose and relax. It’s an interior design balancing act to be sure, but by injecting your personality into the space, your living room can be the place in your home where you can really live.

Here we’ll explore several current living room trends that are giving living rooms the freedom to be interesting spaces that truly reflect the people who inhabit them.

So Mod

The return of modular seating is a boon for interior designers and their clients alike — never has a piece of furniture offered so many possibilities! We like flexible seating configurations because they revolutionize the living room. With modular seating, you can center around a coffee table and face each other, and you can enter from different directions, making these seating arrangements more conducive to daily living and the overall flow of the room. Manufacturers are even making these sofa backs more attractive and even functional — look for built-in bookcases and shelving.

Fire and Ice

What’s more appealing than a roaring fireplace serving as the centerpiece of a cozy living room? A glass-enclosed fireplace that can be viewed from multiple vantage points. These elegant hearths add an atmospheric element to the home, providing an entrancing focal point while also creating an inviting sense of warmth and comfort.

Hide and Seek

The mainstay of most living rooms is a TV, but when the set is not in use, it can be an eyesore. Today’s TVs now play with the eye — hiding behind mirrors, rolling out on hydraulics and projecting onto cinema-style screens. Gone are the days of pointing all of your living room furniture towards a television the size of a small vehicle. Sleek and sophisticated sets now rule the roost.

Make it Personal

Most importantly, you want your living room (like all of your rooms) to be an expression of who you are and what you’re passionate about. Are you a musician? Put your instrument on full display (even if you haven’t picked up a drumstick in years). An avid gamer? Collect vintage arcade games that your guests can get in on. An art aficionado? Your collection will really shine in a shared space where it will spark conversation and inspire others. Put your personality and your passions in the pieces you place in your living room, and you’ll never want to leave.

We love getting to know our clients and their lifestyles so that together we can create spaces that truly dare you to live. Contact us to find out how we can collaborate on your next dream project.

Dare to Live: Unique Interior Design Touches

Your home speaks volumes about you — it should be a true reflection of your life lived, presenting pieces that highlight your personal history and your passions. Are you a music lover, art aficionado or wine connoisseur? Showcase your collections with a scene-stealing display worthy of your treasures. Do you have a family heirloom that holds a special place in your heart? Make it a centerpiece for your surroundings, as well, so that you can appreciate it every day. By infusing your abode with items that are distinctly, 100 percent you, you’ll feel more at home than ever.

Think outside the box with spaces that may go underused in your home; they can become the ideal backdrop for flaunting unique touches. This front living room gets a new lease on life with an homage to the homeowners’ love of reading (note the intriguing sculpture made of manuscripts), plus the pièce de résistance: a log-burning fireplace that blazes brightly every day of the cold season. This sitting room now knows a greater purpose as the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

Vintage Pierre Cardin dining chairs reupholstered in plush peacock teal velvet? Check. Roomy heirloom dining table designed for collecting a crowd? Check. Whimsical bicycle sculpture that sparks conversation? Bien sûr! Make every meal more memorable and every occasion even more special by creating a purposeful dining room you and your family with want to return to time and time again.

A hand-sewn kimono hanging in a breakfast room? Why not, we say! Celebrate your heritage by purposely placing heartfelt objects throughout your home. By displaying this exceptional item as a cherished piece of art in a conspicuous place, this family gets a beautiful reminder of who they are every day they gather for their morning meal.

Imagine walking past a formal dining room table and your eye catches an intriguing vignette. A sculptural worship piece, flickering candles and a bright fresh floral impart an intentional design that enchants everyone who enters your home, even in a space you don’t utilize every day.

The Inspired Interiors team revels in helping you discover and display pieces throughout your home that will bring you joy throughout the years. Get in touch to learn how we can help transform your surroundings into a space that truly tells the tale of you.

Dare to Live: Creative Kids’ Rooms

When it comes to designing rooms for the little ones in your life — from children’s bedrooms and bathrooms to dedicated play areas — it’s tempting to go by the book (and by “book” we mean the ubiquitous home design catalogs that everyone receives like clockwork). We’re here to dare you to live beyond the ordinary and infuse the spaces your kids live in every day with surprising touches that will inspire budding imaginations, encourage calm and rest when needed and spark a sense of fun!

Rev Up Your Routines

Have trouble getting your kids up and at ’em before school or persuading them to go to sleep at night? By giving them a space that makes them excited about the day while also offering a cozy, comforting place to relax, unwind and drift off after their busy day, you’ll boost their energy, confidence and sense of security.

With a few touches of whimsy — think a slide extending from your child’s top bunk for an energetic start to the morning, a swing chair that beckons for quiet afternoon reading sessions and a dreamy bedding ensemble that will bring about sweet dreams — your kids will want to start the day off right and wind down when it’s time for lights out. In essence, create a space for your kids that will enhance their daily routine and that they’ll actually want to call their own.

Small Spaces for Big Fun

Do you have a small space in your home that could be put to better use, perhaps a mudroom or an empty guest room? By dedicating this area for play and fun for your kids, you’ll free up the other, more high-profile places in your home for more adult activities.

Add a flatscreen, a futon and some cushy ottomans for a kid-sized movie theater. Set up easels and (washable!) paints for a mini art studio. Build an indoor tent for next-level sleepovers. Your house is sure to be the preferred neighborhood spot for play dates!

The Inspired Interiors team loves dreaming big for you, your family and your surroundings. Let’s collaborate to create spaces where you and your children will make the memories to last a lifetime.

The Art of the Collection

Are you a music buff with an enviable array of signed concert posters? A world traveler with an exotic assemblage of African masks? Or perhaps your objet d’art collection could rival that of a museum. These items speak volumes about you and your style and deserve to be the centerpiece of your home.

With savvy interior design guidance, your singular collection could take center stage rather than sit unnoticed and unloved in a spare room. These pieces create a sense of wonder and spark conversation among your guests. A collection of clocks, for example, make people think about how time is spent; an assortment of artfully displayed keys can speak to breaking down barriers. It is these thought-provoking elements that truly make a successful home.

Inspired Interiors has worked on numerous interior design projects that have showcased intriguing collections, including a bathroom that displayed a wall decorated with backplates and door knobs from old estates (opening a door to the past, perhaps?). And, in our own River North offices, we have “The Key Wall,” a striking collection of antique keys set on a gold background that makes a definitive statement: “Here we can unlock all of your interior design dreams.”

If your idea of a collection conjures memories of your great aunt’s dusty Hummel figurines, shake up the notion that having an assortment of something — anything! — is automatically boring, old-fashioned or staid. Collections can be fun — wacky, even — and are worth nurturing. Nothing reveals more about your rich personal life.

We can help gather, organize and properly display your unique collections so that they have their rightful place in your home — and in your life. It would be our pleasure to help tell your life’s story through your lovingly assembled objects.

Into the Swing of Things

Interior Swings?

We know you might be laughing but hear us out.

Imagine walking into a gallery and the first thing you see is an entrance hall full of swings. Well, that’s exactly what guests of Paris’ Maison et Objet walked in to see and that’s when we knew we were ahead of the trend. Interior swings are something we have been pitching to clients for a few years now but people didn’t see the appeal. We can guarantee an interior swing is just what you are looking for!

Are you looking to add a little relaxation to your home but you’re not sure what you want? Or maybe you aren’t sure if you have enough room? Why should you consider an indoor swing? “Hanging a swing indoors brings playfulness and a sense of joy to a room,” suggests Allison Bloom, San Francisco-based designer of Dehn Bloom Design. “Swings are emblematic of a rising design vibe that’s more bohemian, imaginative, layered, and open.” This growing trend is loved by introverts and extroverts alike. With some loving the isolation and other’s loving that it stimulates a social environment. This trend is a major rulebreaker when it comes to design but that’s one of the main reasons we love it.

A swing invites creativity to any space and begs for attention—just try to walk past one without stopping, sitting, and chilling out for a few minutes. Plus, it’s the ultimate icebreaker a swing encourages guests to engage with the room and each other. Swings also work well in the office as an easy stress relief tool. You can take a break or continue your work while gently swinging back and forth.

As a trend swings have a lot of potential because they can be paired with any type of decor. A simple wood base and a rope is the perfect match for any minimalist or if you have a boho-inspired room add a wicker basket swing for a cozy reading corner.

Daily stresses can wear out your body and mind. That’s why it’s all the more important to create a calming environment in your home. Of course, there are several types of relaxation leading to recovery. But the method we are most fond of is a swing. Swinging calms, soothes, and brings your stress levels down. The wonderful sensation of floating makes it no surprise that everything else seems unimportant. The beneficial effect of swinging has always inspired people, so why not give it a try? Gentle swinging calms body and mind from one moment to the next. Add one to your office or room and begin your journey to internal bliss.

simply float, swing and relax.

Sensory Swing: https://bit.ly/2EApbSg

Wicker Swing: https://bit.ly/2qgmrEW

Canvas Swing: https://bit.ly/2HmWYRA

Looking for more inspiration? Click the link for more examples: https://bit.ly/2EAo5G8

-Inspired Interiors

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