The Art of Seduction: From Bedroom to Boudoir

Your bedroom should not only serve as your home’s sanctuary and your escape from the outside world, it should also be the place where you feel your most sensual. As such, your bedroom deserves thoughtful attention to the design and decor to set a seductive mood, whether you’re single, dating or happily coupled up. Follow the below interior design tips to create an enticing, enchanting ambiance that no one will be able to resist.


Put Away the Family Photos

For obvious reasons. As one of my clients once stated: “Don’t put my family photos in the bedroom; they don’t need to see what happens in there!” Rather, cover your bedroom walls in tactile coverings, paint with plush, thought-provoking colors and hang alluring artwork that portrays how you want to feel when ensconced in your luxurious lair.



Set a Sexy Stage

I’ve seen many clients, particularly bachelors, make the mistake of not properly outfitting their beds. Make it the most inviting destination with proper (and plentiful!) pillows and soft and silky sheets. Obviously a high thread count is nice, but bamboo sheeting is a less-expensive but still-sensuous alternative. Top with a fluffy duvet that feels like you’re both sleeping on a cloud.


Breakfast in Bed

An essential in the art-of-seduction arsenal? The breakfast-in-bed tea tray. Bringing your partner breakfast in bed on a beautiful tray shows appreciation for the activities of the night before and, perhaps, anticipation for the morning ahead. Coffee, tea or me?


Keep it Red Hot with a Fireplace

If you have the opportunity to install a fireplace in your boudoir, by all means go for it. Nothing stokes the flames of desire like a fireplace, especially when paired with a Mongolian sheepskin rug and a bottle of Pinot Noir. Hey, if it worked for Burt Reynolds…



Watch for Emily’s appearance on Fox 32 Chicago this Saturday morning, Sept. 29, for more inspired interior design tips for the bedroom and beyond!